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Are you familiar with the Nuremberg Code? By international law it is illegal to mandate , force or coerce anyone to take an experimental therapeutic.

One may offer such a therapeutic on condition that it is entirely voluntary and that the person has been fully informed of the possible risks. Now here's a thing, if the possible risks are unknown then such a therapeutic should not be offered in the first place. But in any case, we were told that the covid therapeutic was safe and effective. We we were NOT warned of the possible side effects. Side effects which by the way, were known to Pfizer and Moderna. And we know that those side effects were known because a Pfizer spokesperson mentioned those side effects in 2018.

Yes, we were lied to and laws were broken.
WTF? The ACLU is suing the state of Indiana for refusing a sex change operation for man who strangled an 11 month old girl.
This must be how Chris feels when driving to potato land.
In a recent speech, Biden claimed:

-blacks, Hispanics, and veterans do not have high school diplomas. The White House edited out this racist lie, which has become an Orwellian habit due to Biden being a racist buffoon.

-that he taught for 4 years at Ivy League UPenn. Biden has told more lies about his past than George Santos, but the mainstream propaganda media only cares about one of the two lying. Biden had an office at UPenn where he kept classified documents unsecured with access to many, but he never taught a single class.

-Biden had repeatedly said that gas prices are outside of the president's control, but now he took credit claiming he lowered gas prices. Which is it?

The mainstream propaganda media has tried to pass off Biden's lies and trouble speaking coherently as a stutter that he didn't have in the 1980s and 1990s. But Biden has always been a racist liar. Remember when Biden didn't want integration because his white kids shouldn't grow up in a racial jungle?
“The entire pediatric transgender industry is based on these two Dutch studies,” Michelle Cretella, immediate past executive director of ACPeds and advisory board spokeswoman for Advocates Protecting Children, told me. “This open access report is critical because it exposes the fraudulent foundation of pediatric transgender medicine in the United States.”

The Dutch studies were so foundational to the U.S. movement that the first pediatric gender clinic in the United States was opened by Dr. Norman Spack, a pediatric endocrinologist who was convinced of the necessity of “gender-affirming” interventions after visiting the Dutch physicians who published them, Cretella said.

But if these studies had been published today, the authors conclude, the research would have been recognized as very low quality and would not have encouraged the use of puberty blockers, wrong-sex hormones, and surgery in confused children and young adults in general medical settings.
Now that the Jan. trials are mostly over, I have two questions. Since when did it become illegal in the US to protest the results of an election? And how is someone guilty of trespassing when they were invited in?

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