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The Missouri Department of Conservation has announced the results of the Early Youth Portion of Firearms Deer Season.

The preliminary data shows that young hunters ages six through 15 harvested 11,118 deer during the season which ran from October 28th to the 29th. That number is down from last year which brought in 13,877. Of the deer harvested, 6,857 were antlered bucks, 3,410 were does, and 851 were button bucks. Below-average temperatures and rainy conditions reduced the number of youth participating in the event this year.
This is one stone out of 2 million and 300 thousand stones that were (supposedly) cut, dragged and lifted to build the Great Pyramid more than 5000 years ago. Something is seriously wrong with our history

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It does make you wonder...
Do they just make up stuff, when they don't know? You know the accepted theory of a meteor killing the dinosaurs? I read a paper by some paleontologists who don't believe it. They say if the sunlight was blocked, it would have only taken a couple years to kill them off. But they say the evidence proves that it took a few thousand.
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There is an ancient people, I think Sumerians, who still bury their dead in rocket-shaped coffins. They say it is to send their dead back to the star their ancestors came from.
We are not the first or last creatures to roam the earth. We will be killed off and a new experiment will happen.

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