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Charitye Sunshine Simmons

I still believe in Kansas City

I am angry and disappointed and sad that someone tarnished our name. That can never be erased and should never be forgotten, but I still believe in Kansas City.
We may not like your team but we’ll make sure you have enough to eat. We’ll razz you and tease you and make sure you feel welcome. I still believe in Kansas City.
Parade Day - Anytime I bumped into someone we both immediately said Ope! I’m sorry, then helped the other pass thru. I still believe in Kansas City.
Someone in front of me dropped a $20 so I picked it up and ran to them to return it. 5 minutes later someone ran up behind me to hand me my favorite Chiefs hat that I dropped. I still believe in Kansas City.
In the crush of the crowd I was met with smiles and high fives and GO CHIEFS! bellowed in bass voices, from black and brown white and yellow, from young and old, men and women, unified by the most beautiful of colors, an absolute sea of the reddest of reds. I still believe in Kansas City.
We’re good people. Hardworking. We’ve known struggle and heartache. But we’ve also known love. We’re welcoming and kind. Giving and respectful. I’ve seen these things shining from the eyes of the hardest of faces. We’re good people.
I hope we remember. The shared joy and pride and excitement to see the Chiefs parade down Grand. How our children’s faces lit up when they spotted their favorite players. Remember the grin on Mahomes face, so fun to see him being a silly kid. Andy Reid all dressed in black (what the heck), and Kelce just straining for that microphone. I hope we remember the beautiful weather and the sun on our faces, and how happy we were crushed together amongst our community. Remember the high before the low. I hope our spirits aren’t sullied by this horrific event. Instead I pray we are lifted by reaching out to each other, helping each other, and healing together. Because I see you. I know you are good as I am good, and because of us our city is beautiful.
I still believe in Kansas City. I still believe in all of you. And I love you all.
This is PRESIDENTS DAY, a National Holiday.

Let's not forget Peyton Ramdolf.

Our first President.
Or the other 14 before Washington !!!

Yes, good Ole George was number 15....
Here is a simple:

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