The Joopacabra build thread.

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how is it going guys. I have not been on this forum in a while, but I missed everyone. I have not been working on the jeep, just driving it so just a little feedback. the golen stroker has been in for a year now. it has run flawlessly. it has plenty of power. I can cruise down the highway at 70 with no problems and it has tons of low end torque. the oil pressure and everything are perfect. no one is going to believe this, but I have no leaks on my floor anywhere! no oil leaks no atf leaks no power steering leaks. its hard to believe its a jeep. but anyway since I have this jeep looking and running the way I want it I went and got me another project. unfortunately it is not a jeep so I can't share it with you guys on this forum. I guess. it is a 71 bronco. it is something I have always wanted. I will just share 1 small teaser photo, and a link to where I am working on it.
Awe, come on. Start a new build thread, we'd love to follow your build here. And good to hear from ya, been wondering where ya been

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