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Don't know that I will get the hang of this.

USA - March 10, 2023
A police officer in Boise, Idaho took this photo as a snowstorm was coming in. You’re looking up Table Rock which has a cross and overlooks the city.

Photo Credit: Boise Police Department via Meteorologist Matt Standridge


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I would have just said it was some light in the sky
It was a very emotional and moving experience and I even cried a few times over the course of the afternoon.

You are mistaking grumpy for sadness and the daily chronic pain from the physical wounds and the metal remaining in me that I carry each and every day of my life as a fucking reminder, try standing beside over sixty dead names that you knew, lived with laughed with, and watched DIE often as you tried your damned best to try and save them... to have to carry their heavy, dead, limp bodies and throw them into a helicopter while others are still firing at you, not to mention when you have to pickup pieces like of arms, legs, partial sculls and other human remains that were your friends a few minutes earlier... and the only fucking thing left is their name on a wall.

I just don't see the damn name I see their faces their bloody bodies, and remember the feel of the stiffness their blood left on what you are wearing along with the smell of blood for days later... its difficult for me to find humor, any humor in that!
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I hear you. I know you lost many, which can really do lots of damage to the soul. No way was I trying to do any comparison, but just trying to convey that it seems that every American lost family and friends in that conflict.
Not sure. It appeared to be burning a large marsh around Tuzigoot Indian ruins and up against Dead Horse Ranch State Park. They do prescribed burns there occasionally to burn off the tall marsh grass, but I wouldn't expect them to do it on a windy Sunday evening.

Edit.. i just found out it's a wildfire and not a prescibed burn.
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Thankfully it's moving northwest now that the winds changed direction. My worry was it would burn our beloved Deadhorse Ranch SP or the Tuzigoot National Monument. It was beginning to enter the park when the winds changed direction. I hope the beautiful marsh and forest isn't destroyed. The grasses will grow back but the trees will take a long time to recover.

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