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We kids when I was little. I am the fat one on the right. My sister and I are the only ones left.

Me and some of my kids. The oldest on the back is retired. My daughter is an executive at a health care company. The youngest, in the front, was a college professor but now works in a research lab.
I should clarify the youngest was a professor at Berkeley but could not handle the politics. And that is my first kids. My younger daughter I have now is in RN school.
Im a loser, i need to find some pictures of my life.
My dad was the "guy with the camera" everywhere. I now see he was just keeping his memories alive. Since I scanned all his old pics, I just wish I knew who these people were. I do know most were his WWII war buddies, and I always hoped to find the family of these dead people, but I know it will never happen.


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Below is a picture of all of my family that are alive, excluding me.

Oh, there are None.
The moonrise tonight. No altering of the photos, the colors are exactly how it looked and how my phone picked it up. The more it rose the oranger it got.


The pups are Irish today...
Lassie O'Kayeh and Laddie McRanger


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