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Had to get out there just before 0500.
JEEP's in a sever snowstorm... we will probably be snowed in for Days !!!!!

OMG !!!

(had to get out there early to capture the horror of this... soon as the day breaks itll be gone}

Lordy, Lordy... send HELP !!!!

I haven't seen anything this BAD in YEARS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jeeps in snow storm1.jpg
Digging up old photos is fun. My son converted a bunch of slides my dad had taken when I was growing up to digital over Christmas.

Me and my two brothers heading out for a backpacking trip in Red River Gorge area.


Me and my best friend Barri and our friend Gerry with my '78 Mustang 302.

Me after competing in a horse show when i was in Horse 4H. I was probably 15


Camping when I was about 17. My brother is the blonde and my boyfriend has the brown hair. I don't remember how we got so muddy lol

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