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So much Spanish is a mess like English. In high school 100 was decinta. In college it was cien. I have a friend from Guatemala. His Spanish is a lot different than Mexican Spanish. But what was a surprise to me, Central Americans don't like spicy food, like Mexicans do. But they are Mayan, Mexicans are Aztec. They hate each other. Most Mayans are still pure Mayan. Most Aztecs have some Spanish blood. Over 100,000 Mayans have been executed by the real Hispanics.
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My 28 year old son, who is autistic and has an IQ over 150, has started ghost writing. He has sold 6 stories for other people to use. He would not want the publicity of taking credit for the books himself.
Local schools had him listed with an IQ of 79. He is self-taught at reading and writing Japanese and coding computers. I am just glad that he found something productive that he likes.
Anyone want this truck? Drug it out of the yard I'm clearing for a customer
Did he give you the title? How bad is the engine? I could see a great project for my grandson
Owner died in 07. No idea where the title is. California is easier than here but here you can get a bonded title. California just a written bill of sale and statement of facts will get you a title. Motor is not original, had a 350 put in at some point. It looks clean and spins over. Missing it's radiator.

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