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Any of you guys have a blackstone grill? What a difference in cooking. I like it.
Yeah, I like to grill my veggies on it, with the steaks on the BBQ.

Try a frozen bag of corn, lots of butter, then a can of diced chili's after corn gets golden brown. Yummy!
I am not feeling too good. Stepson took his mom and 1/2 brother out to eat. I stayed home.
My mother died in 1987, the day before my birthday.
Went to a real nice mother's day brunch at Santa Anita racetrack. I lost my ass, but it was great anyways.
My mom passed away in 2013. Today I spent the day planting our garden with my wife. I'm beat. Had my daughter make me a whiskey on the rocks. I bet I have 12 ounces of whiskey. I'm sure I'll be drunk in a few. She filled the cup to the rim.
I spent a long day working in my backyard. I'm beat, but happy with the results.
Chicken strips, mac & cheese, steamed veggies, ice cream cones. It was my night to cook.
(diez is ten, dias is days) I have had high school and college Spanish.

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