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Well, that doesn't seem like the wise thing to do. You know your charts are being written so next time you go there, Bertha the lesbian linebacker will ask for your rectal temperature, then shove a catheter up your pee pee, regardless of the illness.
Good morning everyone.

I just got a letter and an email with offers from the Jeep dealer to buy back my 2018 Rubicon for up to 120% of Kelly Blue Book. I need that 4 door jeep and it'd be too costly to replace it so I'm not even entertaining the idea.
I'll just keep buying extended warranty and keep driving my 2018 as long as they'll keep extending the warranty. Its only got 26,600 miles on it. Too much electronic crap on them now to go without warranty.
About 2 yesterday afternoon, they told me I could be admitted for the 4 hours or do outpatient. I chose outpatient. About 11:30 last night they finally got the 4 hours done. Then they expected me to stay until 10 or 11 today. So I signed out and came home. I would have just sat there with no more treatment for 10-11 hours more. I was not even hooked up to anything.
I did capture some of the northern lights about 9:30 last night. Mostly got reddish purple here. I should have tried again later but I fell asleep. So far tonight I've not been able to see it.
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