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For Barrie

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Made it to the Atlantis resort in Reno where we will stay the night before going to monterey bay tomorrow. We spent money this trip and got the good rooms at the hotels.
So i went gambling, i brought 1000 bucks to blow, i was 900 down in an hour. I just kept losing. Put my last 100 in a machine and figured id be done, i won a couple hundred bucks then moved onto another and won 300 bucks then to another and won 400 then another and won 550. Then i left and went back to my room.
Went to the buffet because the kids need to experience it once. Dont know what people see in them. Sure the food was good but 50 bucks a head and heck its not like im having more than a plate or two. Id rather have a 10 dollar burger.

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