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I woke up with ambition to do stuff, so far ive held down the couch
Good morning everyone .

My mom is in the hospital in Ohio. They originally thought she had pneumonia but couldn't find any bacteria or virus so they think it's probably fluid in her lungs due to her weak heart. She went thru this back in 2017 and almost died. She was released then to a hospice facility but miraculously she actually graduated from hospice and has been doing very well since she got a pacemaker until last week. But she seems to be improving at this point and they're talking about sending her home under the care of Home Health Care and my brother who lives with her.
We are leaving for California tuesday morning. Yearly show the kids why we left trip. Dont want them thinking its a good place to live
Changing out a toilet valve thats been dripping for a year or so. Apperantly shes tired of emptying the bowl under it every day.
Finally ordered barn doors for our master bed closets, they are not deep so when you open the door it blocks half the closet, had to clean my closet today and am sick of it. Time to make ut usable

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