What did you eat for dinner?

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Breakfast @ 0545

Apple/Potato pancakes w/butter & syrup fried in Duck grease,
Scrambled Eggs w/ cheese,
Thick Sliced Hickory Smoked Bacon,
Grits and OJ

Yuck... I'd rather make grilled cheese and soup or eggs and toast than eat week old food
I'll remember that when I next time I make a pot of sauce and Italian Sausages, like you had last week... No more for you!

It was not 'OLD'
Skipped breakfast, made a BLT with avocado for lunch. Making mexican shredded beef for Tortas for dinner.
Had some awesome tortas with some farmers that have never even heard of a torta. That was fun
Having my daughter make lemon bars. I have a craving
Couple of slices of cold left over Pizza.... yuck!
Thia beef salad and fire roasted shrimp cocktail.
some baked ham and leftover roasted green beans
Had left over mac n cheese for breakfast

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