One good deer rifle

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Much better, it's probably my office internet trying to get me to save money or something.
My best scope upgrade in the past was getting laser eye surgery. Hunting was the only reason.
I have a hard time spending good money on something like this that I can not see or touch. I bet they are good but knowing my luck I will regret my decision.

Well, pretty much nobody on the internet has regretted that decision, I know I didnt when I bought one, but YMMV.
If you want to consider one call them and talk to them, i'm sure they;ll tell you you can return the unmounted scope. Ask about their warranty.
Who hunts deer with a rifle anymore? New fad is hand hunting, if your not strangling animals with your bare hands, what kind of real hunter are you.
my nephew shot a buck. it ran to a creek and laid down, Jon walked up to it and started to cut its throat to bleed it out.
it jumped up and put jon in the hospital with over 100 stitches to his head and chest.
you do not want any thing to do with a deer up close
Who hunts deer with a rifle anymore? New fad is hand hunting, if your not strangling animals with your bare hands, what kind of real hunter are you.
I am going to practice roping so I can catch one, ride it home then strangle it.
here is what i drool over


The exceptional resolving power of the Competition’s ED glass, combined with our lens coatings and uncompromising construction techniques perfected over more than 20 years, means that all of the Competition’s magnification range produces outstanding clarity…not just a portion of it, as is often the case in lesser optics.

Two fast, easy-to read windage caps are included with every riflescope, so you can tailor the Competition™ to your style of shooting.

The Competition™ incorporates ED glass, for superb color contrast correction and high resolution. A remarkable 92% light transmission, approaching the maximum ever achieved in any riflescope. Fast-focus European-style eyepiece. Just 27.8 ounces in weight—24% lighter than our 12-42 x 56 Benchrest, and over 20% lighter than our former 12-42 x 56 NXS™ riflescopes.

The list goes on. Side parallax adjustment from 25 yards to infinity. Hi-Speed™ windage and elevation adjustments of .125 MOA, positive and repeatable over a lifetime of use, now standard with ZeroStop.™ Total elevation travel is 55 MOA, total windage 50 MOA. Each rotation provides 10 MOA of adjustment. The Competition™ includes ZeroStop™ and Hi-Speed™ adjustments as standard equipment.

For the serious competitor, this is one serious riflescope.

Please note: We recommend the use of up to a 20 MOA tapered base to yield maximum performance from your Competition™ riflescope.

Click here for the Competition™ 2013 Edition information.
Ok, Back to the rifle, what else is out there I might e missing?

I don't know shit about long shots.
But did a little reading and seems 6mm and the 7 mm are top choices.
I really liked the Sako rifles I had for quality....the Browning is nice to.
But without a doubt I would buy another Sako.
nice gun, ...

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