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Jun 7, 2016
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I am looking to pick up a somewhat high end deer rifle as some of you know. I want something that is good to about 800-1000 yards if needed. Grape has mention the Cooper Classic in .300 Win. Looks like a nice solid rifle but before I jump to anything I wanted to get some more ideas or comments fore or against the cooper.

What rifle would you suggest? I plan on using this rifle for many years to come, I am not a marn and don't buy expensive guns every other week so I don't want to jump to any purchases although the wife has given the green light on this one.

Also want to hear about what scopes you like and why. Remember I will be using this primarily for hunting.
the scope is the heart of the gun. some people drop a grand on a nice rifle then put a $100.00 scope on it
your budget should include a hefty chunk for the scope
leupold or nightforce $1000.00 range
if you cant see 1000 yards you cant shoot 1000 yards

I am not familiar with a cooper, I have heard of it, but never shot it.
If I were to give advise on a win 300
it would be a CZ-ultimate

ok, that CZ, is off the shelf, drop dead BEAUTIFUL, high end.
now, lets discuss a cheaper route that I actually think is a better route.
MILSURPS, they were designed for long range,
if you buy a milsurp and replace the military furniture with a nice synthetic stock
you will have a long range bolt action at half the price.
I am a swede mauser fan, in my opinion, the 6.5x55 is the best round for hunting anything in North America.
it can reach out to 1000 yards with no problems , with minimum recoil
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Chris, You asked some hard questions, for your scope,

not trying to be a smart ass

The one that works with your eye, power of 4.5X14 up. although I have seen a couple individuals do some amazing things with 10 power at 1000

type of gun, same thing really, personal choice,
I do not like a 300 mag, the recoil beats the shit out of me.
I can do the same thing with a mauser with the recoil of a 22lr mag
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Depends where you live and what you hunt. One can get into the debate about the ethics of a super long shot due to chance of wounding rather than killing, etc, and if you read cooper's book the art of the rifle it kind of discusses how long shots really arent smart, but out here especially when hunting rams and sheep and whatnot, long long shots are fairly common.

If you live back east and are hunting white tail in the woods, you prolly aint shooting to far.

Out here I can see for miles and miles, vs. being in the woods and only being able to see through 50 yards of brush or trees.
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Marn, you typed the same thing at the same time as me. spooky!!
What Marn said. It's very common here to have 1000+ yard shot opportunities, but it's not a shot I'm willing to take. In my opinion stalking is just as important as the shot. I'd rather track a Muley or Elk for days trying to get in the 500 yard range as I would jump the gun and take a reckless hope shot.
I was actually just commenting that is a long way.
Wasn't sayingit is bad or such.
It is just different than anything I have done.
I find this very interesting actually.
My favorite rifle is my no scope, just sights, Henry lever 45-70.
I would be useless past 400 yards.
I have never even target shot past 400.
Which was with my 7mm mag,with Leupold scope.
Frodo, for the scope I have no problem spending a grand (Er I mean my company will bonus it to me) I'd like to hear input but like you said I just need to go look through them and see what I like.

100 yards is not overly common but I have had many missed opportunities at 5-700 yards on good animals because I didn't want to take that chance since I am only confident up to about 400 yards max on my current rifle. I would like to have the ability of 1000 even if never used.

Where I hunt the norm is a couple hundred yards but it is fairly wide open out here with a lot of mountains. Many times I will be watching a face that is 100 yards from me at the bottom and get up to 5-600 yards or more.

Like Trucker I do track and stock them and don't shoot unless I know I have a shot so that is why I want to upgrade my rifle to have more opportunity at that better shot. If I am good to 800 yards than I will feel great at 600.
So much for buying my wife a birthday present, need that money for gun stuff.
im not telling you not to get the leupold, but dont discount the SWFA SS line of scopes.
Depends on your needs, your preferences. I'm not suggesting one scope in specific, just saying to check out their line of SS scopes. The hard part is that unfortunately you cant wander into a store and put your hands on one.
Depends on your needs, your preferences. I'm not suggesting one scope in specific, just saying to check out their line of SS scopes. The hard part is that unfortunately you cant wander into a store and put your hands on one.
I have a hard time spending good money on something like this that I can not see or touch. I bet they are good but knowing my luck I will regret my decision.
When I click on that it brings up a 26 dollar scope, I think something is fubar?

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