My trailer build thread.

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That and without the wheels it sits low. Should be brought up a few inches. I'm tall so that's the only reason
Floor epoxy done. But I think I need a second coat. The wood just sucked it up like crazy and it looks a little light in areas. My wife helped me a lot but she asked me not to take pictures of her so I suppose I shouldn’t post any of the in progress pics I took


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the floor really seemed to soak up the first coat of epoxy. when it dried it left some areas that weren't covered well enough to suit me.


so I put a second coat on, and then a clear coat on top of that.


it seems pretty tough. it is not slick. I put a quite a bit of anti skid in as I went along also. I like the way it looks. it looks clean, and it will resist anything I happen to spill on it.

then I anchored my winch. it is a warn 8,000 pound winch, way overkill for this job, but since it is such a powerful winch I wanted it anchored firmly. so I mounted it to a yj winch plate, then I mounted the winch plate to the floor. the back two bolts go all the way through the frame square tubing, with a big washer on it. the front two just go through the floor, but I put a roll bar backing plate under each of them, so they are at least as strong as the D ring mounts. that winch is not going anywhere. then I ran the wiring through the floor. I ordered some special locking grommets to go through the box to the battery, but they aren't here yet so I haven't tested the winch yet.


I also got my quick disconnect jumper cables and mounted the permanent end to the battery. the jumper cable part came in a nice carrying bag that I will store in the battery box. it is 30 feet long so it will easily reach my truck battery if the winch battery should ever happen to be dead.


then I started framing in my work bench/ storage area.


the front is on and the doors are in place. I haven't screwed the side doors in yet. I still have to decide how I want to do the plug ins. but I did wire up a test plug and used it to cut the hole for the winch fairlead. the top is just sitting on there right now. I have to decide how I want to finish it, and I need to get some trim to finish things up a bit, but its coming along. its just a good thing I am a better doctor than I am carpenter lol.


I basically finished the inside today. I have the winch wired and tested. the tool box mounted, the workbench completed. I painted it the same hammered black that I used to paint the roll bar on the bronco so I won't have to store more colors of paint. I loaded my new tool box and lots of other stuff up, I still need to get my other camp chair, and my detailing kit decided on, but basically inside is now done, now I need to get it over to the tire shop to get the new wheels on. I still have 2 more pieces of etrack but I am going to use the trailer for a bit before I decide where I want them. and I need to get the bronco in there in order to see where I want to mount the spare tire. but things are moving along.
On another forum I purview, here is how they finished the insides. Not discounting your great job, just another vision from someone else. I do like their rubber mat idea.

On another forum I purview, here is how they finished the insides. Not discounting your great job, just another vision from someone else. I do like their rubber mat idea.

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That looks amazing. I would have liked to have the trailer set up exactly how I wanted it from the factory. But I didn’t have the 8-10 weeks a new trailer would have taken.
I think I am basically done with the trailer for now. I still have more e track but I’m going to use it for awhile to decide where it will be most useful. The new wheels look great and I’m happy with the inside


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