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Jun 13, 2016
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I had to be off work for a couple weeks over Christmas because I had trigger finger surgery on both hands. So since I can’t sit around and do nothing. And because I was kind of worried about regaining the use of my hands as quickly as possible I started a “small” project. I like anything mechanical and recently I saw a guy who was building an rci jeep. It looked fun so I decided to do it. The thing is there is no kit to do this. You have to buy a suspension kit from one company a body from another. You have to find the lights and little accessories on eBay. The windows on amazon. The electronics from multiple places etc. so it is a lot like building a full size jeep. Then of course the fasteners are tiny and required new tools. And I had to use my magnifying loops to see what I was doing in order to detail it. Anyway it was a fun project. I am putting this in jeep registry instead of general discussion because of that.

Ok well the first thing I did was buy the body because the ya body is difficult to find.

Then I bought the frame kit
Dang the pictures are loading wrong I will just do one pic per reply I guess
The wheels supplied in the kit I did not like so I found some similar to the ones on my Jeep and assembled them. That was a trick believe me. Those “simulated lug nuts in the picture are actually tiny screws that hold the center cap on.
Then I started detailing the body. I panted the Jeep the same color as my Jeep and all the black parts with truck bedliner to give it the right texture I also bought a spare tire and painted it. I hand drew the Jeep puppy print logo on tape and cut it out with an exacto knife and painted the white logo to match my tire cover
Then I hand painted the hinges and hood hold down and painted the bolts silver I i
ns the windows next
I contacted the company that made my Jeep decals and had them make some scale decals. Then I added the lights and front bumper
I have changed the electronics a bit since this picture. But it is not much different. Then I got a winch and remote winch controller
Let’s see if I can do video of the winch I guess not I suppose I have to do a you tube video
the chassis and suspension I got from rc4wd. the body I got from Amain hobbies. I got a lot of the smaller pieces from those two companies as well. I bought the windows from amazon, the spare tire and headlight, and tailight housings I got from ebay. I had to do a lot of surfing to find all the stuff I needed to finish it.
How did I miss this one, that is awesome

started a new project the other day. I want to try to build a jeep with a bikini top. unfortunately no such animal exists so I am going to try to make one. I got the top cut off and I have started doing some work. I don't want to post too many pictures until I see if it is going to work out or not. but I thought I would post this pic to give me some motivation to work on it.
I hope you learn to sew quick
I had some time to work on the mini joop bikini body recently. so here are some picture updates. it is not quite done, but getting close.






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