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Jun 6, 2016
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Somewhere between Heaven and Hell
As you know, all new forums has their small bugs that need tweaking and fixing. Just today, we discovered a minor error which prevented return email confirmation when registering. Please be patient and above all, post (or send me a PM) any and all problems you are having. We will also be adding an introduction section, a gun section, and a few others.

Please give us any and all ideas you all might have.

Havasu (Mark)
JF Admin
If anyone has interest in it, maybe a boating, fishing, waterskiing section.
And i like that you're allowing photos rated R.
There are not many child jeep owners, so it isn't really a children's forum.
And besides most kids handle and suck boobies from the day they are if they are so bad for kids then why do mothers do that ??????
But thanks for opening a new forum.
havasu 9-21-11.jpg
Havasu pics (5).jpg
Yeah, I would really like a boating forum!
Boats...can float your truck and trailer to when you're a dumbass and don't know how to launch properly.
Mark you should have sold me that boat.

I tried to upload a pic of my boat but this forum hates my pictures.
After the new batteries and cleaned carbs.
I've never had a problem with the boat just shutting her down, adding ethanol treatment, and replacing the fuel filter every year.
It's a good idea to fogg or squirt some oil in the cylinders before cranking but like you Inever do either, heck I don't do anything except replace my batteryevery year and change fluids.

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