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Fighting my computer. Windows decided to add a program "copilot" it is an AI search. Only it is crap. I have tried every suggestion I can find. Even the way Windows suggest,but it doesn't work.
I never use my laptop anymore. I can do everything on my Android tablet and my phone. I find Chrome easier to use than Windows and less prone to viruses.
Welder at my shop is having issues and made some crappy welds. Got one truss done, going to bring my welder from home to do the other axle. Cant wait to get them under the frame and have a rolling chassis.
In other news, both kids scored 1st place in all their dances. Next competition is harder so we will see how they do. My oldest loves dancing, the middle kid i think does it because sister does but she does good too. Momma pushes them like no other.
Gonna go fire up my excavator thats been sitting two months and take it to a job i have tomorrow. First paying job this year.

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