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Leaving tomorrow for Nevada, im pissing off a bunch of customers and i dont care.
That damn state takes 2 days to drive thru. If you go thru Temple and Belton (off the 35) run over my ex. 30 minutes south in Round Rock, say hi to Austin.


I drive from center of AZ thru NM, Tx, Ok and 2/3 the way across Mo in about 19 hrs ! …Twice a year.
...and driven across I-10 all the way thru Tx to Mo from here in about the same time,
Gonna wash my truck for the first time this year and hook up my enclosed trailer. Hopefully the tires are good on it.
My daughter and my grandkids are driving out here this Friday, and spending a week here. Two kids, and her boyfriend, and of course, since my ex is driving them, they will need to borrow my truck. Yay me. They want me to take them shooting, take them to Disneyland, take them to dinner, etc. I'm exhausted and they won't be here for another week!
Not a very good picture but it was taken with my tablet. Can't download pictures from my Nikon to this.

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