Cj8 scrambler

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Got the body off and pressure washed the guts.
Congrats. You have officially made a Flintstone's push car. Easy on the environment when you use your legs. O'biden will absolutely love you for your responsible lack of fossil fuel usage.
I think I'll just put a stool on there and drive it like that
That 6 was rebuilt not to many miles ago so I'm gonna run it. Just replacing gaskets, it's getting a paint job , header, hei distributer, centerforce clutch and a few other parts along with all new mounts and getting rid of whatever wires and hoses I can. Going to regear and install the ARB locker, lift springs, new brakes and paint things up while it's apart. I'm stripping the body down so it can be sandblasted and re painted. I have new corbeau heated seats and a new backseat. I'm still debating on flat fenders.
It was a hard decision, keep it relatively factory or v8 and better axles. If I wouldn't have already spent 8k on parts I would have done the v8. I am going to 5.2 swap my 85 cherokee next.
He hates it when that happens
I get tired just looking at your ambitious project.
To be fair I do have a full time mechanic. I dont have the time or energy to get it done on my own and also putting pretty much all new parts is easier than fixing and cleaning old parts

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