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Jun 6, 2016
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Somewhere between Heaven and Hell
I just received an unusual request from a member's family on Wranglerboard, as well as many other jeep "type" forums. Does anyone remember this member? I do, and he was a good guy. Damn, why is it that good guys always die young? RIP Seadog!

Hello Havasu,

My name is Jon Michael. I'm a friend of Melissa Seaman Redditt who is the daughter of Brian Seaman who is also known as Seadog on this forum.

Brian "Seadog" Seaman passed away back on June 11th, 2015 and recently his daughter has been attempting to gain access to some of his old accounts to no avail because she doesn't have the passwords. You can find his obituary here: http://www.newsargus.com/obituaries/.../brian_seaman/

After doing some research I found his account here and noticed the last time he accessed it was the day before his passing. I have a strange request on her behalf. I was wondering if it would be possible to get the password hash for the Seadog account from your database? I realize that it isn't the actual password but I may be able to run it through some rainbow tables so his daughter can use the password to access his other accounts.

I understand if you're unwilling to do this but really appreciate it if you are.

Thank you for your time. I await your response.

-Jon Michael
I heard about this soon after it happened, anyone know how he died?
because they might be the same as some other passwords.
Also if they were just trying to let people know that he passed they probably would have done it a year ago.

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