Where all the white women at?

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Jun 29, 2016
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My name is Rik and I'm a Jeepaholic.
It spends most of its time dripping oil on my garage floor.
My 14yo son drives it more than me these days.
With the help of my friend Chris (admin here) I built my 88 Wrangler from a bone stock Jeep I bought from an elderly couple that towed it behind their motorhome until he got too old to drive any more. He was the original owner. Cam
Ipad pics 6-27-16 1318.jpg
e with a hard top only. I have a safari top and Bestop soft top for it now.
Stock 258 boat anchor under the hood still. I have a 4.3 drive train for it if Chris ever comes over to install it while I watch and drink beer.
Thanks for reading.
I have no idea who you are, I swear.:machine gun:
Dropping my name might get your ass kicked around here. Unless you have enough cash to repay my debts?
owes me a twenty, :rolleyes:

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