What the #*@# is wrong with kids today???

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As a lady, I'm so glad to read that you told that smart ass kid what for. Good on not wringing his neck, I'd have liked to do that if someone had gotten into my daughter's face, etc. Of course, from 14 on my older daughter could tell someone 'what for' very well.

I think I'd have wanted to send him home via bus, that would have given him time to stew. But guess, the air trip was best for his safety and no one can fuss later.

Thanks for having that backbone.
What's wrong with them?

They are little pussy's and aren't beat enough!!!!!
Well, I uave been vindicated in the fact that when you teach your kids they are worth something and to believe in themselves pays off. The little punk bastard and her were talking on the phone last night and what does he do?? He gets rude, nasty, and tries to order her to do things. What does she do??? She stood up for herself. She rold him his behavior is unacceptable, she does not want, will not tolerate, nor deserves that type of treatment. He is now history. Good for her. There are way to many women out there, both young and old, who doubt their self worth.

Not my little girl. Bravo!!
Great job on you and your daughter's part. Glad she realized he was not in her best interest and sent him on to the next daughter.
Saturday, we took Noah to the open house at the motorsports store, they had asked for him to set up his bike and some trophies. He asked me for a couple dollars to get something from the food truck, so I gave him some cash and went on talking to some people. About a half hour later, this mexican fellow walks up to Nancy and I, in broken english he pointed across the way at Noah and asked, "is that your boy?"
It caught me kinda off guard, and my first thought was, time for a beating!! I looked at Nan, and she was concerned as well. (the guy looked like a recent prison release)
Anyhow, I answered yes. He reached out and shook my hand and said that in all his time owning a food truck, he had never had a kid that polite order from him. He then said he wished more parents raised them like that.

I have had a few compliments on him, but that set me up on a cloud!!!
It feels great getting those compliments. I get them on my youngest daughter and she is 15. Her 3 older sisters were the same way while at home.
Great job on you and your daughter's part. Glad she realized he was not in her best interest and sent him on to the next daughter.

The way this "boy" acts makes me wonder if there will be penises in his future....
I had a hard time not killing boys that came around when my daughter hit 18... I learned that you can't judge a book by it's cover.

The kid I thought was going to be the death of me, (long hair, pierced ears, couldn't tell you what a bolt was to save his life) Had a huge crush on my lil girl. He had manners, but ZERO sense... I avoided this kid like the plague, hated talking to him. He wanted very much to learn, so whenever I was doing anything in the shop, he was always right there... I will hand it to him, he was eager to learn and I gave him every shit job I could think of. It turns out, he had no dad to speak of, and would do anything to come over and change oil in the Jeep. I never realized he just wanted to learn. Eventually, my daughter dumped him and introduced me to a clean cut, very polite kid. He had just turned 17, great family and one of the most polite kids I have ever met. I approved at first sight.

I chaperoned a date (they wanted movies, I took them rattlesnake hunting with guns in the Jeep... dad win) Anyhow, about a week into the new relationship, I get a call from longhair.. Turns out, Mr. polite is the biggest effing drug dealer on the campus.

I fixed that situation, but it just reinforces that old saying!!

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