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Jun 6, 2016
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Been asked via PM what's up with this forum. Still been actively Jeeping and want a place to shoot the shit and post photos of Jeeping/projects. Facebook Groups have come to rule I know but still like these style forums too. This is a personal project, never be ads or sponsors.
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Also purposely left Jeep out of the domain name so I can create a private forum for my new hobby of creating photoshopped nudes of the Golden Girls.
I gave up on Facebook years ago. I don't get to hang with the cool kids anymore as a result.
Facebook is mostly people my folks age now, you should fit in nice Chris.
This is a personal project, never be ads or sponsors.

We will see how long this lasts? Who is gonna pay for the app? You're a business man get to business!
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Ok I am here, now we can officially claim it is the place the cool kids hang out.

So family friendly, no nudes, no dick pics, or is this all out post up what ya got and see who cries first?

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