What is everyone's plans for the weekend?

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Smokin a brisket, drinking some beer, going to the deer lease, relaxin, maybe run around the yard naked if I drink enough beer and pee on the neighbors bushes like their damn dog does on mine...
I want to do that exact same thing. I will be heading down to San Diego in my RV to spend the weekend with the wife's family, about 40 of them and about 1 of them I actually like. Bringing the RV so I have my own space when needed. They are all tree hugging liberals. We have nothing in common.
They let us go at 8 hours today and paid us for 10. I'm going to catch up on my mowing tomorrow. the rains the last few weeks left my grass 1.5 - 2 feet high. It even put my Scag mower to the test had to mow it at max height the other day and will get it down to beautiful tomorrow. Then maybe grill some steaks and chill in the afternoon. Might even drink a beer or 2. Sunday and Monday will be spent doing absolutely nothing. I plan on being a vegetable. That will probably last until noon Sunday then I will go do something to keep myself busy. But it will be what I want and in no way related to required life type items.
How's the baby doing Grape?

My weekend has begun:cheers:

It is doing good. But it seems everyone thinks it is my baby. It is Ms Amy and her husband Matt. She was one of us crazies on Jeepforum from way back. I posted up the information here since most of the old timers from JF are here and knew her.

Actually the baby is mine, just like Hashbrown's boy Jacob, Tom's boy Noah, Vindicated's daughter Madeline. Yep, I'm the daddy, but they are raising them. I have a bunch of those in the world. Every one of them is an accomplished child with an above average intelligence and are the best looking of all their peers.
Matt,how in the fuck do you grill chili ?
Is that something only you hill folk know about?
Like This!!

Matt,how in the fuck do you grill chili ?
Is that something only you hill folk know about?

Read it again, it said "Grill some steaks and chill in the afternoon....". CHILL. And you can't grill chili, same reason mexicans don't cook out, the beans fall through the grill.
Well Brother, maybe it's a yank thing,next time add Peppers to that.

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