What are you currently drinking?

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I have one cup of coffee on my hour commute too work and the rest is all water. It's hard to stay alert on water alone at 4:30 am to drive an hour to work.

Funny part is explaining how I leave the house at 4:30, drive an hour to get to work at 4:30. It takes them a couple of minutes to figure it. Some still don't get it even after I tell them the same drive takes me two hours to get home.
Drinking water again, waiting on the wife to make coffee.
Water, seems I drink a lot of this stuff.
I need to rink more of it myself, but right now I'm drinking a Sapporo. Jap scrap lol.
Still water. This isn't like me. I never drink water. Don't drink beer much anymore and drink water all the time. I'm broken.

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