The cooling off on a hot day challenge.

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Grape Ape

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Jun 7, 2016
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Bluff City, TN
This is not for any charity you won't have to make a donation to any group, well unless you want to send me money then go ahead this is just a fun way to see how people are cooling off in the heat.

You all know I took off my shirt and sprayed myself down with a hose. I now challenge, Hashbrown, Coonash, and BigAl to post up videos of how they cool off on a hot day in the sun while working. So you three get a video and post it up in here and challenge other members. and just as an example of the type of videos we expect to see I will post mine up here again for all of you to enjoy.

Usually we just lay around at the creek but I'll have Al make a videor tomorrow.
Ain't nobody gonna "cool off" with BigAl dressed like that.

Uh uh.


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