Tell me about working as a millwright

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Jun 7, 2016
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Some of you may know that I am not working due to a huge slowdown in the economy around here. I am thinking of changing careers again, this time to millwright.

Why millwright? Well, based on my skills and what I do for fun, others figure that I would be amazing as a millwright. I am not as sure as they are, but, I am willing to do anything to make a buck right about now.

So - any words of wisdom from you all would be appreciated ...
There is also a lot of work in the auto factories in setting up the robots. I watched a millwright work hours with a whetstone smoothing the bed it rode on to get the tolerances right. Everything had to be set up perfectly flat and in the exact location. When they got done and the program was put in it took off like a rocket and never hit anything and put the pieces into tiny holes and everything lined up exactly. I was impressed.

Most of the time I see them lining up pumps and other motors to ensure the shaft of the motor and the device it is turning are perfectly aligned to let them run vibration free.
The definition of a Millright is very wide. In general terms I would sum it all up by saying a Millright is one who possesses many skills of the hand and is mathematically astute and yet not to good to get in the dirty. Not afraid of heights, or rats, and will work in rain or snow when the mail isn't running.

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