Swap your battery with capacitors

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Jun 7, 2016
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Ok first let me say, Kieth you need a generic tech section for stuff like I am posting up here, which can be used across all jeep platforms and other vehicle uses.
Disclaimer: This post discusses the use of capacitors. They deal with electricity and can be dangerous. A capacitor is an electrical device which stores electrical energy and can discharge it instantly. A battery can be handled with no real concerns. A capacitor will light your ass up if you mishandle it, so make sure you understand how to handle them, how to charge them and safely discharge them if you are going to use them in any way. End Disclaimer

Now for the story. I ran across a video on youtube where a guy had taken the battery out of his car and replaced it with a capacitor pack, as he called it a boost pack. And it worked to start his car without issue. He then downsized the system it worked like a charm then he added a small lithium, iron, phosphate battery to it to make it as he called it a boost pack hybrid. The original battery weighed 35 lbs, the original boot pack weighed 7 the mini boost pack was around 1lbs. no weight was given to the hybrid.

Now this idea may not work well for a jeep that uses a winch, as he deep discharged the lithium iron phosphate battery to a point it was no longer any good and had to be replaced. Even in a daily driver this may not do the trick.

But what about in a drag car, or a motorcycle, or any other thing that needs a way to start it and has limited space or in something you want to keep the weight down in. I am sure someone here can come up with some kind of set up for their own use.

In on of his other videos he builds a hand crank boost pack, where you crank it to build up charge in the capacitors then use it to, charge your phone or laptop, light a light or even start a vehicle. Here they are for your perusal, enjoy and be safe.

Original boost pack about the same size as battery but much lighter.

Mini Boost pack

Mini boost pack hybrid

Hand crank capacitor boost box that will start a v6 engine.
Thats pretty neat, I would like to have a crank jump starter.
Ski doo has a capacitor on some of its snowmobiles now.
Pull start it the first time you ride it for the day, then a tiny capacitor will restart it all day.
Actually seems to work well, a friend of mine has it on her sled.
Not the same thing I know....just mentioning it.

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