"Short Range Tactical" Match

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Jun 7, 2016
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Reno, NV
So, I shot in a short range tactical match this weekend. I read the course description but apparently wasn't paying too much attention. It specifically stated that due to shot requirements and time constraints a semi auto with box mag was suggested.

I rolled in with my SCAR-16, iron sights. I've run it out to past 500 yards on irons for shits and gigs, but I can ring a silhouette at 300 yards with relative ease. Semi auto, simple, iron sighted "assault rifle" should be the idea firearm for a short range tactical match, I thought.

I tied for last out of 15 shooters.

The course of fire was always the following: 8" gong at 100, 8" gong at 200, 8" gong at 300....from varying positions (standing kneeling prone) and with varying amounts of time constraint (6 shots 60 seconds, 3 shots 15 seconds, 3 shots 10 seconds, 3 shots 5 seconds). However, it was always shooting a 8" target at 100 200 and 300 yards.

So, I understand that any given rifle as such should be fine out to 300 or more, and 300 yards is NOT long range (hell, my SCAR is zeroed at 25/300) but on 8" gongs? Somehow "short range tactical" translated to headshots at 100 200 300 yards. I couldnt even see the gong at 300, just the straps holding it up.

I was the ONLY rifle on irons. One other guy had a red dot, and one had a 1.6 power scope on his FS2000, they were allowed to compete in the metallic sights category because they were non-magnified.

Either way, bringing a compact, low drag, keep it simple stupid type rifle put me at a serious disadvantage. Most other folks had precision type AR's with bipods heavy long barrels and big optics. Few folks were running bolt guns.

Jokes on me I suppose. I guess next time I'll leave my SCAR at home and bring my full size, 44" long, 14.5 lbs, 30 caliber M1A with a 16 power optic on it....because thats clearly a more ideal short range tactical rifle, LOL!!!

I had an absolute blast and it was a super fun event even though I shot like shit, but i dont think the name accurately represents the course of fire.

In picture #1, I like the gun rest, on a 45 degree angle. I am stealing the shit out of the design :thumbs up:
I liked your gun rest, copied the picture and showed a buddy.
he,,did not say much about it, but went insane over your portable gun rack. cheers
None of those are mind, they all belong to a local club
Yup, because changing my breathing rhythm will make me able to see a white 8" circle at 300 yards.
Marn, 300 isn't much.
I used to shot 4 points under perfect consistently on the range while in the corp.
Just forget about the clock and do what you do.
As mentioned in my first post I agree that 300 isn't far for any given rifle, and I try not to think about the timer and concentrate on hits, but this doesn't change the fact that even with my glasses I could hardly make out the straps that held the target up at 300, nor the fact that my front sight post is bigger than the target at that distance :-/
Next short range tactical match is this weekend and I'm Rollin' in heavy with the M1A

It's rare that I shoot a gun, but when I do, I generally hit the target after about five or six calibration shots. I would love to cycle a few hundred shots through one of those.
It's rare that I shoot a gun, but when I do, I generally hit the target after about five or six calibration shots. I would love to cycle a few hundred shots through one of those.

I don't shoot guns .. I shoot bullets from guns ;)

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