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The Almighty
Jun 11, 2016
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Free America
Any of you have any experience with them? I followed them on a job a few years ago and their work was horrible. We are having some work done, paid for by our insurance company and that is who they want to do the work. It has been my experience that insurance companies send out whoever is cheapest.
If it's ServiceMaster, flood anything, disaster anything it's gonna be shitty work at triple the cost. Need a real contractor
Back in the Colorado home we had some water damage from a torrential rain. About 6-8 inches of water in one area of the finished lower level. The Ins Co would NOT cover the repair if it was going to be done by ServiceMaster. That should tell you something.
When they show up here, most likely they will treat us as just two old people. My father was a GC and I have done it all. My wife rewired a house by herself while I was too busy working. They are going to get a surprise

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