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The Almighty
Jun 11, 2016
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Free America
My wife bought a SCCY 9 mm last summer. She cannot physically push the slide back. It is tough even for me. Finally got a rep to call me. Basically told me "too bad". I told him the gun is worthless to her. He said by the time enough rounds are fired through it to weaken the spring, it will need a new spring. I would tell everyone to avoid that brand. Rep was a total jerk.
Unfortunately, I have many semi auto's that my G/F can not rack back. I also have an aunt that had 3 semi auto's, which were basically useless to her, so she swapped all three pieces of junk and purchased a nice Smith and Wesson revolver. Problem solved.
Do you have any guns shows local? I agree with Mark, trade it off for a revolver that's comfortable for her to handle safely.

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