rubber bands and belt loops next?

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The Almighty
Jun 11, 2016
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Free America
Trump is banning bump stocks. Rubber bands and belt loops will do the same thing.
Feel good legislation. The issue isn't the firearms, its whose using them. We had a complete break down of the justice and law enforcement system. Knee jerk reaction, ban weapons or accessories. Address the root cause and first fix that. Admitt what the real issue is, they can't do it. Play to the whims of social media and see where that leads....
Young people get butt hurt too easily. This started with participation trophies because they thought the kids could not handle losing. Now if something goes wrong, they go nuts. A couple years ago a student at a college wrote ni**er on a sidewalk. The school brought in PTSD counselors.
If I'm not mistaken, almost everyone of these asswipes that commit these mass shooting, are on some kind of prescription medication. This crap needs to be stopped at the prescription level, the dispensing level and enforcement level. Mental illness is the common thread that runs in these situations. Allowing mentally ill folks access to firearms is insanity in and of itself. Not responding to reports of threats is insanity. Putting the blame on an object and not an action is insanity.

I don't have a bump stock and don't want one. Easy to see how the dominos can fall when restrictions are placed on peoples rights.
I never heard of a bump stock until that shooting.

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