Remember why we need guns

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The Almighty
Jun 11, 2016
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Free America
Just remember why we need to be armed. Look at Ruby Ridge. The FBI shot and killed an unarmed woman carrying a baby because they thought that Randy Weaver might have a gun with a barrel that was too short. The local sheriff had already told them that he had already inspected the gun and it was legal. He also told them that Weaver had offered to come down to the sheriff's office with the gun, again.
Then Waco, they attack the compound to arrest David Koresh, even though he went for a run every morning outside the compound and he shot at a gun range with the local FBI.
Cliven Bundy was shot at over a dispute over rent for pasture land. The indictments against Bundy were dismissed by a federal judge.
We cannot trust our government.

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