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Jun 11, 2016
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An act to add Section 30313 to the Penal Code, relating to ammunition.


AB 3071, as introduced, Mullin. Lead ammunition: shooting ranges.
Existing law requires the sale of ammunition to be conducted by or processed through a licensed ammunition vendor. Existing law also requires the use of nonlead ammunition when taking big game mammals, nongame birds, or nongame mammals within the California condor range. Existing law requires the Fish and Game Commission to maintain, by regulation, a public process to certify ammunition as nonlead ammunition and to establish and annually update a list of certified nonlead ammunition.
This bill would prohibit a sport shooting range or an indoor shooting range, as defined, from selling or giving away ammunition unless that ammunition is certified as nonlead ammunition by the commission. The bill would also prohibit patrons or employees of a sport shooting range or an indoor shooting range from firing ammunition unless it is nonlead certified and would require a sport shooting range and an indoor shooting range to post a specified sign to that effect.

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