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Jun 9, 2016
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Greetings Guys an Gals!
OK I have received some of the ever elusive primer thingys!!! The following is going to be the way you can get some.

They are first come first served.
Pick up at my shop at 13829 John Clark Rd Gulfport 39503 ONLY!!
There will be no holding primers so don't ask.
The LIMIT will be 2k per person period. Not 2k per person per trip.
No bringing friends an children to buy more.
It is 2k in the whole. 2 small pistol/ 2 small rifle/ 1 small pistol 1 large rifle etc. 2k total
Only sold per 1k box.
Price is $75.00 per 1k plus 7% tax
Can refuse the sale if deemed necessary.
I will be open Monday 2-8-2021 at 12:00. Please do not line up in my driveway early. If you must come early park on Oakberry Lane. And please do not blow up my phone!!!
Here is what I have
Fed small pistol
Fed Small pistol Magnum
Fed small Rifle Match
Fed large Rifle Match
Fed Large Rifle Magnum
Fed Large Pistol Magnum
CCI Small Rifle Magnum #450
That is all so don't call and ask for large pistol cause above is all I have.

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