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Jun 7, 2016
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North East GA Mountains
What's your gear? Shoot with a point and shoot, DSLR, mirrorless?

My main camera is the Nikon D-800fx and my back up is the D-7100 DX. Most used lens is the Tamron 70-200 f2.8, for wildlife I use a Tamron 150-600, and landscape Nikon 24-85.
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I am not very good at it and don't use a professional camera with all the lenses and stuff.
But I was given a Nikon coolpix 500 for my birthday last year and really like it.
I use a lot more than I thought I would and rarely take pics with my cell phone now.
It works surprisingly good and is not too complicated to use.
A little bulky to pack is my only complaint.

Linky below if anyone wants to go to it.
pocket (1).jpg

I went hog wild on my professional camera equipment
Honey you can buy me a point and shoot and I'll let you borrow it if you say pretty please.
I use my IPhone for pictures. Had a Connon Rebel DSLR but oldest daughter stole that. Wife uses a Cannon T5 DSLR
My girlfriend uses a Nikon D710, but we are looking to upgrade her to the D810 after the first of the year. I try to learn what I can about using the high end camera compared to my cell phone so I can help when on big shoots. Her back up camera is the D7000 which was the first high end camera she started with.

You can see her work at
Yep her nicname is Smooch.
The lens she keeps referencing to wanting with it has almost the same price tag the camera has on it. I'm still learning all the different lens options so forgive for not remember which one, but will find out from her to share that info.. I know she has 2 bags of lens of different lengths for each camera, including the microlens for bugs and such.
I recognize all of those lens from her bag. Not sure about the bottom right item.
Ahh ok. She specializes in Equine photography so not much use for the light. She does do weddings, infants, senior portraits and family portraits, but is more comfortable with trail events and rodeos.

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