People are dumb.

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Are people trying to rid the earth of themselves?

  • Yes, people are dumb and will kill themselves off soon enough

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  • No, The government will protect us from ourselves.

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  • I like grape jelly!

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Jun 7, 2016
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Posted this for my review of a local company that employs idiots.

I want to personally thank some of your employees. Over the years here in Temecula I have noticed that at lunch time when your employees are crossing the highway at Ynez Rd and Overland Dr they like to play a little game of yelling and giving the finger and also walking right in front of any car that was still in the intersection when their little green walking guy lit up. Well today it happened to me. I was in the left hand turn lane from Ynez turning onto Overland when I entered the intersection on a green light and the guy in front of me almost came to a complete stop to avoid some trash in the road. By the time we hit the cross walk the little green walk guy appeared so a nice young lady looked right at me and jumped off the curb in front of my ten thousand pound truck, I nearly hit her as she refused to even look at me once in the cross walk. Imagine if I were someone who was not paying attention or an elderly person who like me was following all laws and rules but didn't have my reaction time? She would be dead and all because she wanted to try and prove a little point that pedestrians have the right away. I did however go around the block and come back just to verify she was going to Abbott before I posted this here. You might want to let your employees know that playing this little game will get one of them killed at some point and it is not a smart thing to do. I have seen this well over a dozen times in the last few years in this very intersection.
People are worse than that. I personally know a couple who didn't even get it when I called them a "box of rocks".
Let me guess,they were playing with their phone or listening to music or doing both.
Neither, what I have seen happen here is most of the time it is dumb people running the red light to make the turn. The green at this intersection lasts about four cars so it gets frustrating. These asshats decided to start walking in front of the cars that run the red light and yell at them. I used to cross this place almost daily so I saw it alot. Today it was just luck for me, I entered on a green but the guy in front of me got scared of some trash and stopped mid way through and then proceeded. This dumb bitch waited for him to cross the crosswalk and literally jumped in front of me. I really wanted to get out and let her know how I felt. I should have just hit her, heck I didn't break any laws and I know pedestrians have the right of way but that doesn't mean they can jump into traffic and cause problems.
Put the LOUDEST fucking horn you can get on your vehicle... just sit calmly at the light... when they get directly in front of you BLAST them with it.

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