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Jun 11, 2016
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The Boston Police Patrolmen’s Union is raising the alarm about Suffolk District Attorney candidate Rachael Rollins’ “decline to prosecute” list — while the county’s top police officials say they want to talk to her about it.

Rollins, who beat four candidates in the Democratic primary for DA, lists 15 criminal offenses on her campaign website that she says she won’t prosecute if elected — including resisting arrest, drug dealing, larceny under $250 and trespassing.

Appearing Wednesday on Fox’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Rollins said, “I believe that we are spending too much time on petty crimes that are clogging up our system and costing us more money.”

BPPU President Michael Leary said he’s “very concerned” about Rollins’ list, saying he thinks Boston’s crime rate will increase.

“I think that the quality of life is going to go down because she’s not going to prosecute these people and they are going to keep doing it,” he said.

“I hope that she would rethink her thought process on prosecuting these crimes,” Leary said. “If she’s not going to prosecute it, it’s going to make our job harder.

“If you’re doing crime, you have to be held accountable for the crimes you do,” Leary said. “If you’re out there doing bad things then unfortunately jail is the answer. That’s what jail is for, for people who break the law.”

Boston police Commissioner William G. Gross and Chelsea police Chief Brian Kyes said they want to speak with Rollins about the nonprosecute list before commenting on it. Emerging as a tough law-and-order commissioner, Gross has already sounded off about judges who free repeat offenders on ankle bracelets, allowing some to re-offend.

Kyes did say yesterday he is worried about the potential effect on victims of crime if crimes are not prosecuted. “Their voices need to be heard as well,” he said.
From the new D.A.'s webpage on charges she will Not Prosecute :

~Shoplifting (including offenses that are essentially shoplifting but charged as larceny)
~Larceny under $250
~Disorderly conduct
~Disturbing the peace
~Receiving stolen property
~Minor driving offenses, including operating with a suspend or revoked license
~Breaking and entering — where it is into a vacant property or where it is for the purpose of sleeping or seeking refuge from the cold and there is no actual damage to property
~Wanton or malicious destruction of property
~Threats – excluding domestic violence
~Minor in possession of alcohol
~Drug possession
~Drug possession with intent to distribute
~A stand alone resisting arrest charge, i.e. cases where a person is charged with resisting arrest and that is the only charge
~A resisting arrest charge combined with only charges that all fall under the list of charges to decline to prosecute, e.g. resisting arrest charge combined only with a trespassing charge

Over 1,000 unsolved murder cases in Suffolk County

The Rollins Administration will address racial disparities through systemic change:

We will set clear policy and dedicate resources to crimes that harm all of our communities including economic crimes such as wage theft and hate crimes.
~All employees will participate in implicit bias training and ongoing professional development in the related areas of diversity, inclusion, and equity.
~Data will be used to track and correct for bias among Assistant District Attorneys (ADAs).
The Rollins Administration — including at the leadership level — will adequately reflect the rich and varied communities throughout Suffolk County.
Rachael will serve as a bold leader through Suffolk Country on issues of racial justice.

ICE in Our Communities: Communities are safer when our immigrant neighbors can trust the criminal justice system, including the Office of the District Attorney. Rachael will follow the lead and best practices of bold, progressive District Attorneys such as DA Krasner in Philadelphia:

~Every ADA will be instructed to call Rachael directly if they see ICE or any federal agent detaining or arresting someone in or near a Suffolk County Courthouse; she will personally go to the federal courthouse and speak to the US Attorney about having that Suffolk County resident returned to Suffolk County.
~We will work urgently to end ICE access to our databases.
~Within her first 30 days, Rachael will implement a door-to-door security plan utilizing victim witness advocates and civil rights and defense attorneys to escort undocumented parties to and from the courthouse safely.
~The plan will be kept confidential for important security reasons, but we will share with the public as much of the plan as possible without jeopardizing the safety and security of the parties the plan is intended to prot
Total FUCKING Stupidity !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sua Sponte
I think I'm going to change my way of life. I can be a petty criminal without being a criminal.
At a party tonight and ran into a girl from Kona, Idaho. She said, and i quote, my tits damn near froze off in Idaho, f that, I'm moving back to California.
At a party tonight and ran into a girl from Kona, Idaho. She said, and i quote, my tits damn near froze off in Idaho, f that, I'm moving back to California.
Kuna? Its flat with nothing out there. It is cold to.

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