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Jan 19, 2019
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Hey guys im new here. I have a 15 cherokee and a 02 wj with the 4.0. I have a love hate relationship with this jeep. When we bought it, it died an hour later. So far ive replaced all suspension and brake components, starter, cooling fan relay, plugs and air filter, pulled throttle body off and cleaned it and changed the iac valve and tps sensor, put later model wheels on since the stock ones were cracked but need some smaller tires on them since they rub a little.oh and the previous owner did a handy man special installing an alarm system in it so ripping that pos out and resplicing the wires back together was fun [emoji107]. But it still runs good except it has a miss fire thats annoying and putters when you press the throttle lightly and let off.symptoms of a bad iac valve but i replaced that.maybe the ecu needs reset? Also replaced all the vacuum lines and i dont think theres a vacuum leak. Any suggestions?

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