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The Almighty
Jun 11, 2016
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Free America
I have a ceramic kiln sitting in the bed of a pickup, It weighs probably 300 lbs. I need to get it out of the pickup and down on the ground. If I drop it, It will break the firebricks. I have no help. I was thinking about building a ramp, but not sure I could keep it from falling off the side of it. If I damage it, my wife will kill me. We all have had to improvise, any ideas?
I helped a friend move a concrete water feature fountain into his yard. Took 2x6, cross braced them and slide it off into its final resting place.
I might just try to back my tilting lawn trailer, up to it, slide it on, move the trailer out and slide it back off.
Get 4 neighbors. We do that all the time. Ironically, one guy was also unloading a kiln. I helped pour a concrete slab, then returned to hook up the gas line.
Does this kiln have rings that come apart to make it shorter? Could take it apart in pieces

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