Mossberg Patriot

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Jun 10, 2016
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Any one paying any attention to the Mossberg Patriot?
Nice gun for around the $400-$500 mark,fluted barrel and Bolt and it comes in 5 different flavors.
The Night Train looks Real interesting,comes in everything from a .243 to 7mm-08 Mag
Not a bad looking rifle. I've been thinking about picking something else up. I love the look and feel of a wood stock but hate to drag them through the deer woods...just don't know what I want...
should be a decent budget rifle, which is what it is. seems to be along the lines of the savage axis, ruger american, etc.
I bought the Patriot Night Train last Friday. Within 10 rounds I was shooting 2" groups at 50yds with cheap ammo. It's a solid shooter as far as my gun experience can offer. It came with a Barska scope which is easy to use and decent. I have 300 yds shooting capabilities at my compound. I had advise on the selection from a couple of you guys. Thanks

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