Missouri castle doctrine

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Jun 11, 2016
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Missouri Revised Statutes:
• Section 563.031 (use of physical force in defense of others)
• Section 563.041 (use of physical force in defense of property)
• Section 563.033 (battered spouse evidence for self-defense)
Physical force:
• May be used when individuals reasonably believe that the physical force used is necessary for the defense of themselves (or others) from an imminent attack of unlawful force from another person.
• May be used when individuals believe that the force is reasonably necessary to prevent another person from stealing, causing property damage, or tampering.
Deadly force:
• May be used when a person reasonably believes that the level of force is necessary for self-defense or defense of others (including unborn children) in response to an imminent threat.
A person has no duty to retreat:
• From their dwelling, residence, or vehicle
• From their private property
• If the person is any other location where they have the right to be

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