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Yesterday was nice, I got eleven calls and texts from freinds with their regards and thanks.

A refreshing welcome...
That's a shame. Similar to when I went to Lowe's yesterday. The clerk says if you were a veteran, I could give you 5% off. I mentioned I was only in law enforcement for 25 fuckin years, and fought the wars on the city streets for 25 years. I've been shot at several times, fought suspects almost daily, I was hospitalized 4 times, had 9 operations due to injuries, and have scars which will remain with me for the rest of my life, not just the 4 years where I was enlisted. He said, "Sorry, you don't qualify for a discount."

I mumbled F U as I walked away.
I, for one, THANK YOU, for your lifetime of service. From a former Army Airborne Ranger that well understands the long term pains of wounds both mental and physical... and a retired Air Force O6.

...whatever this means to you, I am sincere.

Only Brothers that HAVE 'walked the walk' can truely understand.
I will never discount what our military heroes have done for us, and one of their staunchest supporters. I was recently discussing this with my 80 year old Marine neighbor. He was stationed at Camp Lejeune for 2 years, then was transferred to Okinawa for his remaining 2 years. His specialty was being in the Marine Band, where he played the trumpet. Believe it or not, he did have rifle training, but never ever trained with a pistol and shot his first handgun 5 years ago when my son was conducting a shooting class. He will only go to stores and restaurants who offer military discounts, and will insist he gets every possible discount. Again, his specialty was playing a trumpet!
He served, that is all that would matter to me.

I went in, signed up in the Army Jamuary 1967, guess what was happening then.
I retired from the USAF Aug 31 2013.

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