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Moved a rock today.
Morning. I'm embarrassed to show you Frodo's holster that he made me. He used the wrong gun pattern. He said soak it in water, it will shrink. All it did was wrinkle the holster so now it is too big, bent, and unusable.

Just got my new Social Security increase notification. I get $25 more a month, but Medicare increased my monthly fee by $10, therefore giving me a net increase of $15. I am so ecstatic! Not!
Have not got a letter yet, but near as I can figure, I will get $46. But with inflation at 18%. I will lose money.
A congressional commitee has asked for Epsteins flight logs. Sen Dick Durbin D Ill, has blocked it.
Newsom refused to even answer the final question of what does he like about the state of Florida.

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