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Afternoon, doing some framing on my garage. Have very little motivation.

I sold the last of my motivation to the highest bidder when I retired... IIRC it went to some Captain wanting to make Major !
I wish i was retired, then id have time to work on my stuff. Just need to hit that lotto.
Seems you've been down this same road a few years ago?
If i sold my house and property, business and my junk and moved to a tract home i could quit working but then what would i do?
Morning all.
Chris, we all know you'd be miserable. It's in your blood to be productive.
I just paid $350 for a fricken car battery and i have to install it. Yeah, a deep cycle glass mat type, but still...

Not much. The weather has been nice so I've been out working in the yard the last several days.
Afternoon, i hate having employees. Id probably be wealthy if i didnt have them. Had one spend three hours to run a cable 100 feet in the shop attic for a camera. Its literally a 15 minute job max and that includes a smoke break. Holes were already done, just had to climb up drop one end down one hole go to the other and drop the other end down the other hole. Our attic is 8 feet tall. I can run across it if i want. Three hours and he had the connector end pushed up through a hole from below. I asked what took so long. He said it was hard pushing the wire up through the hole then he would climb into the attic to pull it and it would tangle below so he would have to climb down and start over. This is our younger generation and this is a farm kid who has worked for me for three years, not like its his first day.

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