How do I edit from "new member" to custom text?

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Jun 7, 2016
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Rolling Ghettos, IL
How do I get my title to say something other than "new member" it's super dweeby and I believe I am better than a noob.

K? Thanks. Bi!
how do i get mine to say administrator or moderator or something else that involves power?
To update your title under your avatar:

Click your avatar in the upper right corner and select "Personal Details."

You will see a section titled "Custom Title." Enter your title and click save at the bottom of the page.
Vin you're too nice. I don't think anyone has ever said that before.

Awe. Thanks pal. They probably have not since I pretty much hate everyone. Except Keith, unless he bans me or sends me more pictures of him in a sundress, then I will hate him too. :D

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