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Jun 17, 2016
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What's the going rate for a gently used walther ppk .380?
From what I seen, they are getting more and more expensive. It depends on who the importaer/manufacturer is. I looked into one as a tiny carry gun a while back, and saw a few I should have pounced on at or around $400.

I seen them for around $600 regularly now, some $575 some $625, some more (700-800?) if they are german manufacture and old.

The interarms imported ones are generally the ones that people know are good. the Modern smith and wesson ones people dont like.

Are you buying or selling?
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on gun broker, you're going to want to look at completed auctions, and you need to have an account to do that.
I have one. Thinking about selling. Will get the serial off it and see what I can find. My dad has had it longer than I can remember. I've had it a few years now.

Thanks frodo, but I've looked there. Marn is a wealth of real time knowledge.

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