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Grape Ape

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Jun 7, 2016
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Bluff City, TN
Hello my name is Matt, I like long walks on the beach and time spent cuddling on a blanket under the stars. I am the most special person in here. I already have a Jforum sticker. In fact I have a few of them. So I shall be sporting them on my jeeps. Oh yeah my YJ is still sitting down by the barn awaiting a heart transplant, I think I have figured out how to move the engine with a hoist in the grass. But I'm not sure yet. My Jeepster still needs brakes and rust repair and put back together. I have decided if I ever get to it I will throw it together as is. Leave it rusty and beat it on the trails.

Oh and yeah I have JForum stickers so all ya'll can just bow to my awesomeness.

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